The Path Less Traveled

Just steps from my apartment I have access to miles of trails, some of which lie on Native-American land.  There’s one trail I’ve always had a hankering to explore but haven’t had the time, the energy, or the physical stamina.  But I decided today would be different.

Buoyed by a jolt of energy from having started my blog yesterday, I set out on my mini-adventure.  As I approached the bottom of THE trail, another path started to mesmerize me, so, without hesitation, I changed course.  After all, isn’t that what life is all about–living in the moment and not staying stuck or fixated on a particular destination?

This new path, the one less traveled, wound around a hill, and, if I made it all the way to the top a hidden treasure would no doubt be revealed. I climbed the path with giddy anticipation and when I reached the other side the vista did not disappoint, for I could see much of Simi Valley: homes, hills, a water reservoir and so much more.

But all of that paled in comparison to the real gift: for in making it to the top I strengthened my fortitude and determination to keep making my life happen my way, and I know when I return to this same area and take the other path, I’ll uncover another piece of myself when I reach that peak.

Photo # 1: partway to the path

Photo #2: partway up the path

Photo #3: me at the top of the path with Thousand Oaks in the background



4 thoughts on “The Path Less Traveled

  1. Love your writing and photos. It was a great reminder to take the less traveled path. So glad that you’ve hopped on the blog wagon. They’re great vehicles for creativity and self-expression. “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

  2. I love your positive and “full speed ahead” attitude! You motivate and inspire me to push ahead in my own life! Keep going Nancy and don’t let anything/anyone stop you from achieving your life’s dreams! 🙂

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