Yoga Clothes for THIS/MY Body!

Not too long ago I spied the most gorgeous colorful two-piece yoga outfit at Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey, one of the places I practice.  The top was a bright beautiful yellow, and the bottom—a perky pretty PINK, but, of course, they came in “tiny” people sizes, a fact I lamented with overt vociferousness!

“They NEVER make yoga clothes for women MY size.” “It’s impossible to find CUTE clothes for ME to wear to yoga.” The list of complaints went on ad infinitum……………………………It’s true, mind you, that finding COLORFUL workout clothes in any size over 12 takes GREAT effort, and is almost impossible. But clothing discrimination is a subject I’ll tackle later.

Part of me prefers black workout clothes because I feel they hide my body, well, to be more specific my stomach.  Black does have a slimming effect.  I don’t wear much black in my daily life, but when it comes to the workout room, it’s my color of choice.  Well, it WAS.

Scouring the Internet one day I found some pinkish purplish bike shorts, and then I found a YELLOW Champion sports bra. I HAD found a COLORFUL yoga outfit in MY size.  I didn’t know what to do—actually I did—I bought it, of course.  Then I had to wear it.

Putting it on for the first time felt odd, felt weird. When I looked in the mirror I saw my body for what it was. Saw its lumps, curves—SAW IT!  I didn’t feel necessarily comfortable wearing it in public, but what choice did I have? I always tell my students that all we have is this moment, so all I have is this moment. All I have is THIS BODY.

So I own it. I celebrate it. I wear my new outfit.  It’s bright; it’s happy; it’s colorful; it’s ME.  And I wouldn’t be anybody else but ME!  Sure, I might want a skinnier smaller body, but a wise person once said “an easy life is not a victorious life.” I’m not always sure where the road I’m on is leading, but I’m learning to enjoy it and LIVE IT, one moment at a time.

Here’s to me! Here’s to my new yoga outfit!




4 thoughts on “Yoga Clothes for THIS/MY Body!

  1. Where there’s a will (and, boy, do you have will!) there’s a way. “Bad ass” is right. “You’re more dangerous than danger.” Nothing can stand in your way!

  2. I love the new outfit Nancy! It is so you! I’m glad you found one in your size, but I’m even more glad, and proud of you, for wearing it to yoga class in public. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and your new yoga outfit makes you shine with a beautiful and inspiring smile on your face (Or is that from the hottie you’re holding onto?…Hmmm…) 🙂 lol

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