A Truly “Awkward” Position

I had so much fun with the previous video I made that I decided to make another. For this video I chose one pose: the Awkward Pose (Utkatasana). It’s a nemesis of mine because it’s soooo easy for me to be lazy in this pose. It’s so easy for me to simply rest my abdomen on my thighs. It’s more challenging to keep my back straight. I wanted to show you exactly how easy it is for me to take it easy in this pose, so I did the video in two parts. The first part shows the “lazy” version, and the second part shows me doing the pose to the best of my current ability!

The Awkward Pose involves three parts (think of it as trying to sit down in a chair without there being a chair to support you): in the first part the feet are flat on the floor; in the second part the heels go up; in the third part the heels go up and you squeeze the knees together. For a more detailed discussion of the Awkward Pose please click on the following link: http://www.bikramyogales.com/bikram-yoga/bikram-26-postures/3-awkward-pose/

Bikram describes the Awkward sequence as “a very challenging posture for a lot of people.” It’s definitely a challenging posture for me, but it’s my mind that makes it challenging. I’m fully aware when I’m not coming from my core. I’m fully aware when I’m choosing to rest my abdomen on my thighs. I’m fully aware when I allow my monkey mind to keep me from realizing the full potential of my physical and mental bodies.

This isn’t about me being hard on myself by the way—it’s about me being kind to myself. Sometimes the kindest kindness is honesty to one’s self. And I deserve more, so much more, and that means I have to work for it. It may not be easy,but as the English historian Thomas Fuller once said “all things are difficult before they become easy.” And I’m worth the effort!

The honesty I show you here translates into a deeper honesty/realization of my soul. What truths am I willing to accept about me, about my life? What am I willing to work for?

I don’t know where my explanations and videos of my postures will lead, but I know this: the possibilities are endless and undreamed of……..

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One thought on “A Truly “Awkward” Position

  1. You can really see the difference in the amount of effort put forth between the two versions Nancy. The second version also shows, not only your passion for yoga, but also your passion for yourself and your desire to master the positive benefits of yoga and its effects on the body, mind, and soul! Keep it up! 🙂

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