Strength through Vulnerability: Nancy Does Standing Bow

Standing Bow isn’t really the hardest posture ever, but I have a ways to go before I can reach my foot on my own. I wasn’t planning on sharing this video. Heck, I wasn’t even planning on making it, but I found myself inspired by a conversation I had with my dermatologist, Dr. B. I’ve known him for over 20 years now and am always buoyed by his belief in me.

As I visited with him during my check-up today, I told him about my blog and my yoga and fitness efforts, and he said, in all earnestness, that I could really help people by showing how I do my yoga now. (Dr. B I hope you’re reading this because this blog is dedicated to YOU!).

I’ve shown you a couple of videos of postures I can do by myself, but that isn’t true of all postures. There are a couple of postures that I need some help with OR I don’t get benefit from them. It’s one thing for me to tell you this, but it’s another altogether for me to show you my struggles, very visible struggles with postures.

I’ve tried Standing Bow Pulling Pose on my own, with a towel, but I can’t quite reach my foot that way and it feels like I’m just pseudo holding my leg while sweating. I’m beyond fortunate, and I know it, that I have an instructor who helps me grab my leg so I can get the maximum benefit of the pose while working toward being able to grab my foot on my own.

Until that time I work at stretches that will help me be able to reach my foot, but I also feel that there is a deeper metaphorical meaning to this pose. As I strive to get my life more in balance then my body will more readily adapt to this pose. I also know that when my leg actually reaches my hand on its own, I will have great reason to celebrate and even greater reason to keep working a delving into the deeper reaches of Standing Bow Pulling Pose.

It’s so difficult for me to be this vulnerable with all of you, but I’m hoping you’ll see my strength through my struggle, that I’m willing to persevere, knowing that I’m really worth working for. So are YOU! Work for what you want! You’ll be glad you did!

(I promise not to always do yoga videos. I’m just on a roll right now.)

IF you’d like, please feel free to follow my daily journey on facebook via my community fitness page:

Nancy Does Standing Bow

Nancy Does Standing Bow


9 thoughts on “Strength through Vulnerability: Nancy Does Standing Bow

  1. I have never tried yoga but I do that with I try to stretch my leg. I can not reach it either. It is hard to be vulnerable. I’m impressed with your courage. I haven’t even had the courage to put a picture on my blog. I need to learn something from you.

  2. Excellent effort! Was wondering though, have you tried grabbing your ankle from the inside? I can understand if you grab from the outside as a modification, but if you can grab it from the inside your back will fire taking some of the pressure off your other joints and making the balancing part a little easier. I’m working on this one too so I thought I’d just share some of the helpful tips my instructors have given me 🙂 you go lady!!!

  3. I love your open and honest admission of your struggles. It makes you human and shows others that you have to work for your goals! It makes it much more worth it! You are helping many people by inspiring and motivating them as you share your experiences, struggles, triumphs, and tribulations! Keep up the good work Nancy! P.s. I love the videos! 🙂

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