Squats Away!

It started simply enough. I posted a note on Facebook “If 30 people like this post, I’ll video tape myself doing 30 squats.” I posted this on a Thursday afternoon, figuring I wouldn’t reach 30 people. I have almost 200 friends, but, in Facebook land, who knows how many of those people block me or just don’t happen to be online when my post shows up? Thursdays also happen to be notoriously slow.

As luck would have it, exactly 30 people clicked like! Knowing me, I probably would have completed the squats anyway. That’s my nature. I like to challenge myself to go places I haven’t gone before, to experience new facets of life, to feel my body meld into new spaces, for each time my body maneuvers into unknown territory so does my soul.

I’m finding with each new discovery that my inner strength has become more resilient than I ever imagined it could. That I have far more in front of me yet to be known. I could philosophize forever about newness and the beauty therein, but there’ll be plenty of time for that later.

Know this: if I can do 40 (imperfect) squats today, imagine what I’ll be able to accomplish tomorrow and the next day and the day after that! The possibilites feel rather infinite!!!

BTW, I’m not necessarily happy with the quality of the video, but this body had no desire to redo the squats! Maybe another day! Also, I’m not happy with the camera angle, the way I look, etc. But……. Oh well…… Maybe next time I’ll do 10 perfect squats! Oh and I did two different types of squats, using 2.5 pound weights!

IF you’d like, please feel free to follow my daily journey on facebook via my community fitness page:



2 thoughts on “Squats Away!

  1. You go girl! So proud of you! My legs would feel like wet noodles after all that! Keep up the good work and keep moving forward! 🙂

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