Yoga for MY Body!

I have a tendency to be defensive when it comes to my weight, when it comes to my size, and with good reason, but as I become more comfortable with my Self, I have made the effort to not react when in uncomfortable situations.

On a recent trip to Arizona, one of the instructors at a studio where I took one class requested that I not use any props. Actually, she believed that I’d get better benefit from poses if I didn’t use any props. That’s actually not the case with this body in its current shape, and I have the video to demonstrate how much props benefit me IN THIS MOMENT!

(btw, I hesitate sharing this story because I have met so many amazing people in (and out of) the Bikram world who have accepted me without question and I don’t ever want any of them to think…and I don’t like being negative….and…well let’s just say….I’m sharing this story so people see my practice from my perspective.)

Anyways, back to my story. For me to obtain the maximum benefit of wind-removing pose I need a towel. Wind-removing pose involves moving the leg(s) with to chest and holding the leg(s) with the hands just below the knee. For a full description of wind-removing pose, please click on the following link:

Most of my weight centers around my abdomen. I could and have moaned about this, but that area tends to be the last area to let go of fat cells, so I work at making peace with it. The size of my abdomen makes it difficult to impossible to grab my legs (below the knees) without causing painful stress on my arms, shoulders, neck, upper back, etc. A towel then serves as the perfect solution for this moment!

When I use the towel for this pose my arms feel stronger, I can pull my legs closer to my chest, I can feel the movements of the pose massaging my colon, I can feel my hips becoming more flexible, and the list goes on. Without the towel, my body feels only stress and pain.

Yoga really works for EVERY BODY, but not every body works in the same way. I am beyond lucky that I am surrounded by people who love me and support me in finding ways for yoga to work for my body in the best way possible.

I hope that by sharing this video people will see that yoga really does work for EVERY body, and that there’s always a way to make a pose work so each body becomes more alive with each breath.

(and, btw, using props now will enable me to do the poses without props more quickly! And it’s also a testament to my calmer state of being that I can listen to people I don’t agree with, such as the instructor mentioned at the start of this entry, and still do my practice and live my life without over-reacting.)

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3 thoughts on “Yoga for MY Body!

  1. You are spot on Nancy! Everyone needs an adaptation in some way somewhere in their lives! If using props to hit the spot is easier, then by all means, use them! It only aids you in reaching your mastery of yoga quicker and simpler until one day you won’t need them anymore! Keep up the good work Nancy! 🙂

  2. This is great – thank you so much for sharing! It looks like your shoulders are hunching up a bit towards your ears and towards the ceiling. Can you next try to relax your shoulders down away from the ears and down towards the floor? This will allow you to grab higher up/closer on the towel towards the leg/other hand, and will relax the shoulders to isolate the arm strength. All corrections and modifications must be given in context, and many teachers don’t get this for a long while. You’re on the right path!!

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