On Finding Balance—In and Out of the Yoga Room

I am unbalanced. Well, my body is anyways (see pic below). The right side of my body is bigger than the left. I notice it. I’ve always noticed it. When I was heavier, and could BARELY, if at all, fit in a booth I’d always scoot in with the left side of my body because it was smaller and would fit in a little easier. Sometimes, most of the time, I’d just avoid booths altogether.

When I say the right side of my body is larger than the left, I mean my right arm, right thigh, right calf and yes, the right side of my abdomen. So, what can be done about this? Well, achieving balance takes effort and doesn’t happen overnight. A few months ago, my instructor, Loren observed that I’d always turn over the same way when doing the floor series (the ½ part of the postures in Bikram), so he suggested I alternate sides between poses.

In the ensuing months I noticed the strength in my body shifting. I still favor the right side, but the left is growing in strength and slowly my body is becoming more balanced. SLOWLY. But that’s okay, because I find myself appreciating the emerging muscle tone in my core, which I notice when I’m activating it.

This improved balance is impacting so much more than my body. It has me thinking about how I live and love my life moment to moment. How am I living each day? Each activity? Do I approach each facet of my life with joy?

These are tough questions, with even tougher answers. I haven’t cared for some of what I’ve seen. I’ve sensed the need for certain impending changes, and rather than wait until I’ve reached my breaking point, I’ve decided to change certain aspects of my life NOW!

One obvious change involves how I spend my free time. I usually spend one afternoon a week doing some volunteer work, and I’ve come to see I need to cut back. I need to spend more time taking care of me. After all, while helping people is essential, I can’t really help anyone unless I put my own oxygen mask on first. I’ve spent too much of my life putting others first, at the expense of my own happiness, my own joy, my own laughter. In many ways, this is the first time I’m actually living MY life.

I have a food addiction and beating it takes time and effort. I need to spend more time working on my food, preparing and planning my food.  Because that’s going affect how I feel. The cleaner I eat, the better I feel about myself. The better I feel about myself, the happier I am. When I am happier I have more energy. When I have more energy I reach greater heights in the yoga room, on the hiking trails, in meditation. I have a greater ability to just be.

And more than anything, I want to be happier, to be lighter in mind. All of the support I’ve been honored to receive from people all over the world has increased in me the desire to work harder at making my life better.

As my plans come to fruition, I’ll write a blog on food prep. And as an aside, I have a yoga goal that I’d like to reach by my birthday in April. Currently, I can’t quite reach my feet in floor bow. I’m willing to take the time to care for my body so that I’ll be able to reach that goal, and then go beyond that to even greater heights!

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the photo below is from July 2013