My Maui: A Story 19 Years in the Making

A Story 19 Years in the Making

In the summer of 1993 I traveled to Maui for the first time. I don’t know for sure but I probably most definitely was at or around my highest weight. (IF you want to know how much I weigh you’ll have to refer back to my earlier post:

At that weight I had so many worries: Would I fit in the airplane seat? Would I fit behind the wheel of the rental car? Would the seatbelt of the rental car fit? If I went to a restaurant with friends would I fit in a booth? People ALWAYS want to sit in booths, so that was always a concern. if a restaurant had chairs would they have chairs without arms? The list goes on……………………….If we did any physical activities like hiking, how long would I last? And would I get a rash from skin rubbing?  When you have extra weight that’s just an issue.

Here I am in Maui way back then!


All of the above and more weighed (pun intended) on my mind. Paradoxically, so did food. I wanted to make sure I ate well (well doesn’t mean healthy here). I wanted to eat all sorts of food. My life, in many ways, revolved around food.

The last Sunday of that particular trip, my friends and I went to have brunch at an exclusive resort: the Grand Wailea. From the moment I stepped into that resort I fell totally completely utterly madly in love. The sublime scenery transported me to a paradise that brought me immediate peace and happiness. I floated on a breeze of bliss!  We ate brunch that day at a table overlooking the ocean.

One of my favorite views of the Grand Wailea (from 2012):


I decided that day that if I ever had the opportunity (and the funds) to stay at the Grand Wailea I would.

Fast Forward to the spring of 2012, about two years into my weight-loss journey: I found an opportunity to stay at the Grand Wailea in the fall of 2012 for $200/night, with most of the extraneous fees waived!  I also found airfare for $360! A deal that couldn’t be beat! I snapped it up!

I decided this trip would be my reward for all the hard work I’d done up to this point. BUT I still had work to do to make this the trip of my dreams. I planned on parasailing, zip lining, hiking in Haleakala, swimming in the ocean—I would do it ALL!!! That required work. I had to lose a few more pounds to meet the weight requirement for zip lining, and I had to work daily at my physical health to ensure that I could participate in all the activities I desired, including shopping!!  On previous trips, I’d been too big to even go shopping in the plus size department of stores!

I worked tirelessly from April to October. I struggled every single day. My food wasn’t perfect, far from it, but I worked it to the best of my ability. This trip would be my dream, my dream that would celebrate and honor all the work I’d been doing to live the life I deserve. It wasn’t that I hadn’t done stuff on previous trips: I’d karaoked; I’d done some small walks (I wouldn’t even pretend to call them hikes), I’d seen Haleakala. But I hadn’t lived. Food and excess weight coated my memories.

This trip would be different. This trip would bring me to life. And there’s so much more to tell about that miraculous trip, and I’ll be doing that in future blogs. For now, I’ll leave you with this: when you work to make your dreams come true, you’ll find you receive so much more than you ever imagined!  I know I did, and I continue to!

Here’s a pic of me fully alive in Maui!



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